Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Resolutions

Last year I had a list of resolutions I wanted to accomplish. Not one came close to completion. So this year I vow to no resolutions and see how the year fares. Not that there aren't any things I want to be different but there is no point in putting one's self under undue stress. I mean come on the economy is kicking our asses bad enough.

Several members of the clan have asked for updates and pics on Alaina Kaye and I do appologize for not posting them on here, but Facebook apps for pics are really fast and simple. So with that said please check for pics on mine or Teresa's FB page. All is awesome on the baby front. She is getting so big and will definitely be an independent one. We worked on waving the other day and now she waves to everything including passing cars, stationary garbage cans, fallen trees etc.. With 3 college degrees between myself and her mother she has already got us beat on smarts too. Unfortunately for Alaina though is the fact that we have some of the most attention hungry dogs and are immune to the "puppy-dog eyes." She knows how to use them and very well but just not well enough to pull on over on mommy or daddy. Well I have post this decade and hopefully the next one will not be too far down the road.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alaina Kaye Berglund

I would like to introduce to the world the most beautiful baby girl, Alaina Kaye Berglund. Alaina arrived at 6:46 this morning via emergency C-section at Claremore Regional Hospital in Claremore, OK. She weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs 5 ozs and measured 20 inches long. Mommy is doing wonderful and Alaina has already had her first meal. More to come in the near future. Mommy and daddy do not get to bring the new bundle of joy home until Saturday at the earliest.

These pics were taken within 15 minutes of young Alaina's birth and had not quite got a chance for her first bath. Stay tuned for more coming your way very shortly.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Holy Hell is it HHHOOOTTT!!!

It is so hot that tires are sticking to concrete if they set too long. Thought a quick jog to the mailbox while barefooted would be fine, until I felt the searing pain from the heat off the sidewalk and road radiating upwards at me. Instant blister. OUCH!!

Enough about the heat, latest news on the new little Berglund is we are in hurry up and wait mode. Three times in the last week I have had to take Momma to the hospital so they could hook her up to monitors and check contractions and dilation. Every time 2-7 minutes very minor contractions (thats what the nurse said) and only 1cm dilated. But the doc says it could happen any moment, I say lets get it done, and Momma says I am !@#$%& ready already.

The couple that we have asked to be god-parents are just as anxious as we are. We have given them nicknames of El Padrino and Nouna (Italian and Greek translations for godfather and godmother). Nouna threw an outstanding shower for Momma and we recieved alomst everything we needed for the baby. And what we didnt get we recieved money to purchase. Dad and Jody you got Alaina a portable fold up crib and a t-shirt that says "my dad's tattoos are cooler than yours". While Momma and Nouna were baby showering it up El Padrino and myself took off on our Harleys for a 300 plus mile ride around Grand Lake and to a couple Civil War Memorial sites. Yes part of the civil war was fought here in Oklahoma. Sorry no pics. Anywho, I digress, we finished our ride completely fried from the heat with sunburned arms and faces and ready to do it again. Momma on the other hand is glad this will be her only baby shower as focus of interest. Got to spend the rest of that evening putting together all the stuff from the shower then being forced to go to Wal-mart to use up all the gift cards. Then some more puttin stuff together. The next morning I was drug to Babys-R-Us for more shopping and then back home to put it all together. Now we wait. The next post wont be that far off and will be loaded with pics hopefully of the baby and all her goodies.